Sunday, May 02, 2010


I made kind of a big change this week.....after almost 14 years I am leaving my postition at the company I work for to take a new job.   I will still be working in the IT field (actually I will be doing the exact same job I have been for the past few years).  But I will be knocking about 2 hours off my daily commute.  No more driving into Boston every day and I will have more time to spend with my girls. 

We had some really hot weather this weekend and got to spend part of it celebrating Uno de Mayo with the Shahs.  It was our first cookout of the year and Grace got to take a couple swings at her first Pinata.  Some pics below.

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China Dreams said...

Congratulations. Driving into Boston is the pits even in good weather. And the weekend was hot! Here in central NH the temp was 67 when we got up this morning! Crazy stuff.