Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ponies and Canoes

It was a beautiful weekend here and we took full advantage of it by trying to be outside most of the time.  On Saturday we attended a birthday party for Jen's coworker's daughter.  They had great food, a fun playset and Grace's favorite.....Ponies!!!!

On Sunday we trekked down to Newton to a canoe rental place to give Grace her first taste of the Charles River.  She actually seemed to like it.


Anonymous said...

As always- great pics!! Ponies AND canoe rides! WOW!! Gracie has it made.. Great job mom & dad :) You guys rock!


Kiana said...

Grace' so adorable.. Where'd you adopt her? Lol.. Maybe I can convince my mom to adopt an asian girl. Idk y, but I just love asain toddlers. ^_^

[Adoption..that means, including step- siblibngs, I'd have 7 .. Plus 3 more my mom/stepdad'll be having, holy cow, 10 siblings!]