Tuesday, December 02, 2008


In our family room we have a large sectional that takes up just about the width of the room. It has worked out really well with Grace as we can slide the ottoman against a cabinet that blocks off the room and keeps her contained as not to have the run of the house. It was all well and good until last week when Grace learned how to climb onto the couch and can now climb over onto the other side. Seems now this is all she want to do. Hope the novelty wears off soon. Video below is of one of her first assaults on the couch.


Lynn said...

I have been following your blog for a few months now. I really enjoy seeing the things Grace can do. My daughter, Adriana, from Guatemala was born September 18, 2007 and home in August has been learning things almost at the same time as Grace. When you posted about climbing stairs, Adriana climbed stairs that week. When you posted about rejecting baby food, Adriana wanted mostly adult food within about a week. Adriana was walking almost the same time as Grace. I loved to watch the video because Adriana was also walking with her arms up in the air. Now this past week Adriana learned to climb on the couch.

Beth and Terrell said...

Hi! Just wanted to drop a comment to say hello. Just found your blog! Our LIDs are only one day apart (ours was Jan. 4, 2006) so we must have been in China at the same time! Our little sweetie is a few months older than Grace - born June 9, 2007 and she is from Yangxi SWI in Guangdong. Your little Grace is sooo cute! I'm adding you to my favorites so I can follow along. My husband and I are in Va. Feel free to check our our little Jia on our blog. Take care!!! Beth