Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fun in the Snow

Over the past couple days we have gotten about 18 inches of snow. It is lots of work to shovel but at least Santa will have plenty of places to land his sleigh to deliver all of Grace's presents this week. Grace isn't sure what to make of the white stuff as we are pretty sure this is her first sight of snow. So we had to bundle her up and take her out for a little romp this afternoon. Some pics below....

Getting bundled up

Mommy and her snow bunny

Winter Wonderland

Making snow angels


kris said...

awww cuteness! Jen did you make snow angels too??

Gail said...

Very cute. I love her snow suit.
The fur around the hood is great!

Abby hasn't really been out in the snow yet. I am hoping sometime this week. I worked all weekend.

So how did Grace know how to make a snow angel??
Who showed her?? I want to see that picture! : )

Jess and Tim said...

She has to be the cutest purple princess ever!!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Okay, so did you just want to nibble all day on that cute purple marshmallow fluffiness that is your daughter?! SOOOOOO adorable!

No snow here, just rain and freezing rain and sleet and a little hail for good measure. Oh, and a power outage that wasn't enough to cancel school. HUMPH! Fun times.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Jen, I really don't think Gracie has ENOUGH layers on... did you forget the SKI MASK? LOL... How can the poor child make a snow angel wearing so much stuff! HAHA.. Are you sure she is IN THERE??? Love Tammy

Dawn said...

Grace is so darn cute!! She looks like a little purple fluffy pillow! Enjoy your first Christmas with her!! I am sure that it will be special.