Friday, June 13, 2008

Regarding Lucy

Many people have been asking how Lucy (our cat) has been doing now that we have Grace home. We were a little concerned about how Lucy would react as she tends to be a little rambunctious and loves to be the center of attention.

Overall, Lucy is doing pretty well. She is definitely not happy with the whole situation. She has let us know she is not happy by vomiting on our floors. She keeps her distance for the most part. I think she is really not sure what this creature is that has taken away all of her attention and makes all the noise. She has given Grace a sniff but obviously doesn't like her smell as she usually doesn't stick around too long.

Grace on the other hand seems to really like Lucy. We thought she may be a bit scared of her but she seems very curious and giggles when Lucy runs by. We haven't let her pet her yet as that would probably not turn out too well if Grace grabs a fistful of fur.

I think we are lucky that Grace is not yet mobile. This will give Lucy a chance to get used to Grace a bit before she starts getting chased. Grace has had a cold since we left China that she is just now starting to get over. We were wondering for a while if it might be an allergy to Lucy but as she seems to be getting better I think we are OK.


The Gang's All Here! said...

How funny that you should post about this today. Last night, after we unanimously made the decision to accept this referral that was presented on Wednesday, one of our kids asked about how our kitty (Maggie) would feel about Aidan's arrival.

Our Maggie is a spoiled, aging diva kitty with very strong opinions about whom she loves and whom she scorns. It will be interesting to see how the two girls will handle each other!

Gail said...

At least Lucy stayed put for the pictures!

Abigail has had a cold since we have been home and it finally is easing up.

Cindi said...

From a fellow RQ reader.....Have enjoyed reading a bit about your journey. We received our referral last week, and will travel in July.
Congratulations to your family! Grace is precious.