Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back to Work

Kind of a sad day today as it is my last day of vacation. I go back to work tomorrow after two weeks in China and three weeks home. I think I am lucky that I was able to take so much time off as it really allowed me to bond with Grace. I haven't been away from Grace for more than a couple hours over the past few weeks so I am sure I will miss her. Grace usually goes to bed around 8:30 and I usually get home around 6:00 so that really doesn't give me much time with her but I am sure mommy will need the respite and give me my daddy time when I get home. I usually put her to bed so I am sure that will continue as well. Gonna go spend some time with my baby now and make the most of this day.

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Doreen said...

I feel for ya Sista! It's hard, especially at the beginning.Good Luck concentrating at work tomorrow!!!!!

Doreen in Montreal Mom to Faith-Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan