Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow

It started snowing here in early January and it seems like it hasn't stopped.We have close to 4 feet on the ground and 2 of those feet came in the last couple weeks.  It's getting so there is no place to put it, but we live in New England so this is what we deal with.  For Grace it is all great fun as it should be.  Heading out to the CAWLI Chinese New Year party this Saturday, hope to see some of you there.  Some pics from our most recent storm below.


China Dreams said...

We finally got some up here in NH too. It was a great day for our son. We're planning to take him to the CNY parade in Boston's Chinatown mid-month; have you been?


Steve and Jen said...

Have not been to the parade yet. We have have to check it out this year if it is not too cold.

Two Pearls said...

We won't be at the CAWLI party tomorrow - we're having a little party here at the house for our Jiangxi travelmates. I love the CAWLI party, but it was the only day that we could all get together, so we're passing on the big bash this year. We donated the Chinese American Girl doll to the raffle, so make sure you buy lots of tickets to try to win her for Grace!!!

Hey - are you guys in Facebook? I should friend you there, as I don't really update my blog anymore, but put all my pics of Sophie out on FB. Let me know!