Sunday, February 27, 2011


We attended a birthday party this weekend and they had a woman with a bunch of little critters come to entertain the kids.  Grace loves animals but she was not a fan of the reptiles.   Some pics below

 No like the little alligator
 Big Bunny
 Not so sure about the armadillo
 Only willing to touch daddy's hand while he touches the snake
Grace and the chinchilla


China Dreams said...

That bunny is huge!


Jan said...

What a cool party!!!

I just can't believe how much our girls have grown since coming home!! It feels like yesterday, and at the same time, it feels feels like a lifetime! And, what an amazing lifetime it's been!!

We love visiting your blog, and we are always excited when you have updates!! Miss Grace is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jan, John & Jillian Rose

Anonymous said...

I remeber those parties for my neice Megan many years ago. I am 'with Grace' on the snake thing.. BUT, did they have a Leopard to match her outfit???? OMG lol hahahahaha