Sunday, November 01, 2009

Yes, we are still alive....

Been a couple weeks since I last posted, sorry about that. We have had a bout of sickness go though the house that had us all out of sorts for a couple weeks. Nothing too serious, just upper respiratory stuff that seemed to linger longer that it should have. We seem to be back to normal now though.

We are still trying to settle into our new routine with Jen back at work. The first couple weeks dropping Grace off at daycare was pretty easy. Then the honeymoon period seemed to abruptly end and she wanted nothing to do with daycare. It is pretty heart wrenching to leave your kid while she is screaming and reaching for you. Even though her teachers say she is fine a few minutes after I leave it is still rough. This past week though she seemed to have turned a corner and didn't cry for drop-off so hopefully it lasts.

And of course this weekend we celebrated Halloween. We pretty much made a day of it starting in the early afternoon trick or treating at family and friends. We did a quick loop around our neighborhood in the early evening and then headed over to the Shahs' for some more fun with the twins. Grace really got it this year and loved saying trick or treat and getting a handful of candy. I hope she doesn't think that will work year round. I think Jen and I had as much fun as Grace did.

Our Little Ladybug

Gracie Ladybug with her cousins James "the frog" and Sammy "the monkey"

Getting ready to loot the hood with the twins

Planning our attack

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