Sunday, November 29, 2009


Or a parade to everyone else. Jen's school enters a float in the local holiday parade every year and this year we were asked to come along for the ride. Grace was very excited about the "harade" and was talking about it all day. It was a bit cold out but Grace was quite a trooper.

We tried to get Grace to ride in the float but she opted to be carried the whole way.

Not too sure about Lowla the bear

One of the neighboring floats was for Sesame Street Live. I don't think Grover was too happy when Grace asked him "Where's Elmo?"


Jan said...

What Fun!!! We just love a "Harade"!! Oh I mean Parade!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great hat Steve!! It was so much fun sharing the HARADE with Gracie! My favorite part was her little chat with Grover about Elmo!!