Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mommy Work

Most of our friends and family know by now that Jen is going back to work tomorrow after staying home with Grace for over a year. Grace knows that I leave every morning to go to work, she has even been there a couple times so I think she makes the connection. We have been trying to prepare by asking her where Mommy is going to work next week. So every one in a while she will tell us "Mommy Work" so we think she gets it but I don't thing she fully realizes what it means for her yet. We are pretty confident that she is going to do great though. She isn't starting daycare for a couple weeks so she will be splitting time between Gram's and MeMe and PaPa's.

Jen, on the other hand, is not doing so good. We have had couple bouts of spontaneous crying and we have been very busy running around getting everything ready. Jen tried to make the most of her last week home last week as well. Monday was my 38th birthday so we celebrated when I got home with a nice dinner and cake.

On Tuesday Grace and Jen went to the beach with MeMe and the MKs for for her last beach excursion of the year.

On Wednesday the girls came into the city for lunch with daddy. There is a nice park not too far from where I work so we had ourselves a little picnic. On Thursday Jen and Grace met up with Carrie and Annika for a playdate at a park up in New Hampshire.


Sharon said...

Hang in there, Jen! I cried all the way to work the first day I went back, but it gets better, I PROMISE! Just remember to pack your makeup for touch ups in the parking lot. :)

Laurie said...

Hope everything went well. I am sure Grace will love being with other children and it is much harder on Mommy. How wonderful that you were able to stay home.

Tam said...

Great pics Jen & Steve.... remember you will survive this Jen.. Gracie is like ALL kids who will have MINOR anxiety when you leave- she will get used to the fact that you are coming back... Plus- weekends, vacations, summer will ALL come back again kiddo! So hang tough!! Gracie will LOVE spending time w/her grandparents and 'new blood' at the daycare!! She is a social butterfly!!
love ya