Sunday, August 09, 2009


I haven't posted in a while about some of the new things that Grace is up to so.....

  • 2 Year Molars - Earlier this month Grace had a week or so that she wasn't sleeping well. We didn't think much of it at the time. Then last week Jen noticed that Grace has one of her two year molars about half way through. Guess we have a few more to look forward to in the upcoming months.

  • Potty Training - We started noticing lately that Grace has been really interested in all things potty. She knows that when mommy and daddy go into the bathroom it is for pee-pee. With all this interest we decided to introduce her potty seat. We have a couple of those kids' seats that just go over the toilet seat, the regular potty seats kind of gross us out. So we started sitting Grace on it before her bath at night and most of the time she will pee. She has also been telling us lately when she has to go poo-poo so that makes it really easy, we just bring her into the bathroom as long as we are home. The whole potty thing took us a bit by surprise, I think it will be a while before she is completely trained but she is pretty good about it. Jen went out this week to get some panties so I guess that is the next step.

  • Possession - Lately Grace has picked up on the fact that certain things belong to certain people. It is pretty cute when she points out Mommy's chair, Daddy's chair, Grace's chair. Or Mommy's car and Daddy's car.

  • Sentences - Grace has started using three word sentences. Some of our favorites are: Git Dow Oo-Tee (Get down Lucy). Mama Ba ba Pees(Mama Bottle Please) and I la lu (I love you).

  • Independence - Grace has also started showing is she has quite a mind of her own lately. Sometimes it manifests in a temper tantrum. Unfortunately she has had a couple lately in restaurants so we have to be a little more careful of when and where we go out to eat. She has also started needing to pick out which clothes and shoes she is going to wear for the day. Makes for some interesting outfits but mommy is glad she has a girly-girl who usually prefers to wear a dress.

I am on vacation this week so we have some fun stuff planned. I will try to do a mid-week post with some pics since I haven't posted any lately.


Tami said...

Oh, my son used to say "La Lu" too, and since he could say very little, that made it all the sweeter!!! Love it!!

Jenna said...

Ooops......that last post was from me, not that it matters. I'm posting for Tami while she's in China, and I didn't realize I'd be commenting as her!!! Ooops!