Sunday, June 28, 2009

When Mommy's Away....

Jen was away this weekend for her annual getaway to the beach with her good friends from college. This was the first time I have had Grace on my own for more than one night. Things went surprisingly well. I was most concerned about her sleeping as she has been having some rough nights lately but she slept 12+ hours Friday and Saturday without waking up once.

Grace is also coming into her almost-twoness. She is really getting a mind of her own now. She wants to do things herself, wear what she wants and lets us know when she is not happy with little tantrums. Jen had been telling me about them but I had not experience one firsthand...until this weekend.

The first tantrum was because she did not want to sit in her highchair Saturday morning. She won that battle as I pulled out the booster seat which seemed to appease her. The second tantrum was caused be me putting the bubbles away because she was eating them. I won that battle but I had to hear about the bubbles for about five minutes. They were both pretty minor actually, I have seen kids in the supermarket have worse tantrums than that.

The weekend was great for Grace and I to bond. We started out Saturday by meeting up with Gram, Aunt Melinda and cousins James and Sam for some strawberry picking. Grace got more strawberries in her mouth and on her face and clothes than in the basket but she had fun. In the afternoon we went to visit Unky B, Kathryn and Karina who were also sans mommy for the weekend. We commiserated and said hi to Unky B's parents who were lending a hand.

The rest of the weekend was spent taking walks. bike rides and wagon rides. We made it through injury free which is a plus. Unfortunately I didn't take too many pics this weekend as I had my hands full but we do have a couple from the week.


Jill said...

What a cutie!
Wow Steve! Not only did you have her alone for the weekend, AND she stayed injury free, but you BLOGGED about it! I am one impressed mama! Are you teaching any classes I could send my dear husband to? LOL! Hope mommy enjoyed her weekend away!
Great job!

Melinda said...

Your such an AWESOME daddy Steve!
I am so proud you are my brother and what a little cutie Grace was this weekend. We had fun picking strawberries with certainly was a handful but overall the kids were great! I wish our pics came out- guess we will just have to do it again!!!
My angel Gracie throw a tantrum? NO WAY! I think you made those up so Jen did not feel bad that Grace was PERFECT while she was gone!!!