Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Hope all of the dads out there had a good day. We went out for lunch today to celebrate. Below is a pic of Grace and I modeling our matching "Life is Good" t-shirts that I got for Father's Day. Life definitely is good!!!!

And our family picture below

Grace and Pa Pa

I got my self something special for Father's Day. Since we are down to one income we have been holding off on making any big purchases but our old vacuum broke twice in the past couple months so we were looking to get a new one. All of the reviews I read recommended the Dyson so when we saw that one we were looking at was on sale we picked this one up.

I didn't really intend to spend Father's Day vacuuming the house but it is amazing how much dirt and cat hair this thing picks up. The only issue is Grace keeps trying to get a ride on it like our old one.....Think this might be why our old one broke?


to sing and to dance said...

We have the exact same Dyson you got today. Yellow. We got it about 4 years ago. We have really run it to the ground, lost a few teeth-brushes on the roller, but it still sucks and works better than any other vacuum we've ever had. And BTW, we've paid much more for a Kirby a while back, and it didn't compare to the Dyson. Good choice.
Ya think your other ones breaking had anything to do with Gracie getting free pony rides off of them?

Claudia said...

wow... can *I* have a vacuum cleaner ride???

Tam said...

Love the shirts! SO CUTE! And all the pics.. I still vote for the pony/vacuum rides on the new one- had to watch the video again! LOL

Anonymous said...

Spare the Dyson!!! Keep the old one and use it for fun rides, let the new one escape the extra wear and tear. :)