Sunday, January 11, 2009

Missed our baby

Jen and I attended my company holiday party this weekend at a the Water's Edge Resort in Connecticut. We stayed overnight on Saturday so this was the first night that we have both been away from Grace overnight. Grace stayed home with Grammy and did really well. She was a little confused when we left and were saying goodbye as she thought Grammy and Grandpa were leaving and not mom and dad. When she realized that we were leaving without her she got real quiet and had a sad look in her eyes, and a little pout, no tears though.

Grace did really well. Overall we were only gone for 24 hours and Grammy and Grandpa kept her really busy. She had no major meltdowns and pretty much slept though the night. We had a good time at the party as well. It was nice to get away for the night and sleep in a bit. To keep things interesting my company sometimes has a themed holiday party. This year's theme was The 80s. Jen pulled out an old dress that she wore at a high school semi-formal dance, which amazingly still fit. I was getting a little scared as she was getting ready putting on all of her "accessories". She seemed to be enjoying herself way too much.

As much as we enjoyed the party and our night away we really did miss Grace. Seeing her smiling face and getting hugs and kisses when we got home was pretty much the best part. A pic of our outfits from the party below.


kris said...

OMG!!! Love it! the dress, side ponytail, lace glove - it's perfect Jen! and the double polo and pegged jeans look is quite stylish on Steve! hahaha! Glad that Gracie did ok for the night. I'll bet you enjoyed sleeping in too.

Mary Joy said...

Awesome outfits!!! Kath sent me a pic of the smurfs - I'm sure it was a fun night!
Oh how I miss those parties :o(
Glad to see hear you enjoyed your night away and that Gracie enjoyed her time with her grandparents.

The Gang's Momma said...

Very Nice! I'm so impressed that she HAD the dress still, in addition to the fact that it still fit. So glad, too that Grace had a good time with her grandparents. I'm sure they loved every minute of it themselves!

Happy new year!