Sunday, January 04, 2009

Back to work

After almost two weeks off for the Holidays with my girls I am heading back to work on Monday. It was nice having the time off but what I really appreciated was getting some good bonding with Grace. The last few weeks before the holidays were kind of crazy and there were quite a few days that I got home from work so late that she was in bed before I got home. So being able to put her to bed and see her cute little face first thing in the morning was quite a treat. Grace and I do have a pretty strong bond but I think the last couple weeks really strengthened it.

We actually had an adoption related task to complete last week, our 6 month post placement meeting with our social worker. This is basically just a meeting to put together a document on Grace's progress that get sent to China and allows us to go through the re-adoption process which we will be doing within the next couple months. During our first couple home study meeting we were so careful what we said but now that we have Grace home I decided to have a little fun to Jen's chagrin....the conversation went something like:

Social Worker: I see you wrote that Grace likes to eat everything. Can you give me some examples for the report.

Jen: Bananas

Steve: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Jen: Diced Fruit

Steve: French Fries

Jen: Yogurt

Steve: Chocolate

Jen: (shooting me the look) You don't have to mention all of the unhealthy foods.

Steve: Ok

Jen: Pasta

Steve: Filet Mignon

Jen shot me another look at that point and we moved on to other questions. Of course Grace charmed our social worker so I am sure we will get a good report. Grace (as she usually is in new situations) was a bit shy at first but within 5 minutes was stealing her pen and car keys which were momentarily lost almost making for a longer than anticipated home study visit.

We've been slacking a bit in the picture taking department the last couple days so I will post a video we took of Grace enjoying a cookie on New Year's Eve. The past few years we have gone out for dinner and/or hosted parties to celebrate the new year. This year we were snowed in and just the three us but as you can see we had a blast just the same.


Carrie said...

She eats like Annika, anything you put in front of her gets the big "MMMM"

Anonymous said...

First off, I LOVE VIDEOS!! Never enough!! I could watch them for hours- those of us w/o children love to see what Gracie is up to day-to day. And I love Steve's reaction to the social worker about food! But you 'shoulda' said 'Cat food'!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Cookie Monster!! I love her sign language skills!! No no night night Daddy...ha ha!!! More cookies!! Happy New Year!


Jenna said...

Girl after my own heart!!! :)

I'd love to hear more about the re-adoption process. I've read A LOT about adoption, but haven't ever really heard a lot about that. Is there a lot of red tape? Is it totally expensive? Is it necessary or just something many parents like to do? I literally know nothing about it. I'd be interested to hear.....if you are interested in sharing!

Jenna said...

Thanks so much for the readoption info! I didn't really know any of that, so I appreciate it!

Caroline said...

This cracked me up!