Sunday, January 07, 2007

One Year

Couple new news items this past week related to our adoption. Friday was our 1 year Log In Date Anniversary. This means that it has been a year since China received our application to adopt. When we started this process this was not an anniversary that we thought/hoped that we would make it to. But we are here and it is one step closer to bringing Grace home. I would hope that we are at least half way to that point but only time will tell.

Referrals came in last week as well, our agency received 8 referrals including a set of twins. The CCAA website was updated that they have finished placement of children for families registered before September 27, 2005. That is 19 days of Log In Dates which on the surface looks like a bit of a speed up. But based on the numbers from polls taken on some of the rumor sites this amounts to quite a drop in the number of referrals sent out. Those same polls show October and November to both have more Log in Dates than September so it is expected to take more than just 4 months to get through those two months. The update from the CCAA website is below.

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