Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Paula Zahn

If you didn't see or read the transcript of last Friday's Paula Zahn Now show on the new restrictions on Chinese adoptions I found a video on YouTube of the show that you can view by clicking here. On Monday we heard that they were doing a follow up. As much as we hated to, we had to watch. They started out the show by saying they had received thousands of letters from adoptive parents and actually read from a couple of them. Unfortunately Jen's letter did not make it on the air. They had two of the same panelists on as the Friday show who pretty much just spouted out the same drivel. One of them , Cenk Uygur, sort of backed off a little and said that he was overbroad in saying that race was the sole factor for adoptive parents. The other guy Roland Martin pretty much said the same thing as Friday and didn't really seem to understand that many people adopt internationally because they don't want to risk adopting domestically and then having to give the child back because the birthmother decides to parent. To balance the two of them out they also had on David Youtz, the president of Families with Children from China of greater New York.. He did a really good job by simply explaining that Chinese adoption process is so popular because it is a clear and dependable process. He finished by saying it is really just about creating families, which, to Jen and I, is really what we are striving for. After listening to him speak, Jen and I sent out our membership form to join Families With Children from China of New England. This is something we have been taking about becoming a member of for a while so it was a good reminder for us to apply to be a member. After watching the show I think the consensus in the Chinese adoption community was that Monday's show, while better than Friday's show, still didn't do us any good and we would prefer that the media outlets just leave us alone. The risk here is that increased bad press in the US toward Chinese adoption could cause China to look unfavorably on us and shut down adoptions to Americans completely. We were a little surprised when we heard today that Paula Zahn was again presenting a segment on Chinese Adoption. This time the spin was: She’s a proud parent now, but if she wanted to do it again, she couldn’t. Will strict overseas adoption standards rule you out too? They interviewed a single parent who has adopted two children from China and now because she is single she would not be allowed to adopt another. She said she was just so thankful for the precious children that China had given her. I think CNN was hoping she would bad-mouth the Chinese government. They also showed some parents at the American Consulate in China at their swearing in ceremony. Jen and I took note of what that room looks like hoping that we will be there really soon.

This week we also got our appointment letters in the mail to go to the USCIS to get re-fingerprinted, unfortunately we are busy this weekend so we will probably be going to get them done next Saturday.

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