Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Spirit

Last year with the ever extending wait we weren't really in a holiday mood so we decided to skip putting up a Christmas tree and decided to just have a low-key Christmas. We were really hoping that this would be the year that we were finally home with Grace. Here we still wait but we decided that we would celebrate the holidays this year and decorate our tree and put some gifts for Grace under it. We really think that this will finally be the last Christmas without her home. So with another snowstorm hitting us today we spent the day in the house decorating the tree.

Although Lucy really loves posing for our Christmas cards next year's card will feature another little girl. For those who didn't get one here is this year's card.


kris said...

Happy holidays - your tree looks great! can't wait to see Gracie on your holiday card next year! (does Lucy know yet that she's going to be retiring???)

Alyson & Ford said...

Merry Christmas!! Yes, it is a little sad without our daughters (again).

LID 01/27/06