Sunday, December 09, 2007

22 More Days

Jen took another picture of her jar of glass stones at work last week. This month the CCAA got through 6 more days so Jen took out 6 more stones from the Jar. Only 22 more stones left. Every month after referrals come out we sit down and take a look at the numbers and try to project out how many more months we have to get our referral. Based on the latest batch we think the most likely month that we will get our referral would be March 2008. There is a small chance that we could get our referral in February but also a chance we could get pushed up to April. But at this point it looks like March is a pretty good bet. Although all of that could change if they do another 2 day batch next month but we don't think that is going to happen. So we will likely be enjoying April showers or May flowers in China.


Wendy @ said...

I just love this concept! I wish I had thought about it when we first started!

Unky B said...

Wow, March! That's awesome! That's right around the corner!

Gail said...

I think a referral in April.
This is my guess right now.
Dec. 15-20 for January
Dec. 21-25 for February
Dec. 26-31 for March
Jan. 1-6 for April
I hope I am very very wrong and it's much sooner.