Sunday, October 28, 2007


The rumors started last week. The latest rumor is that they are going to get to at least December 12th with the next batch. That would be 12 days which is significantly more than they have done in the past 8 months. At this point I think it is still a pretty shaky rumor. We have learned over the past few years not to get too excited about the early rumors, so we are not really believing it yet. Seems a little odd that they would suddenly refer such a large batch after so many small ones. But, according to the online polls the first 4 days of December have very few families logged in. Also December, overall, is thought to have less people logged in so it make sense that they may be able to get through a little bit faster. Also since the first 4 days of December have no or very few families logged it is is not really 12 days they are getting through, it is really more like 8 days. There is a chance we could see referrals arrive this week but most likely they will arrive early next week.

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