Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Home Study Update #2

Got some mail from our social worker today, she sent us our second approved home study update. So we are good for another year, hopefully we won't need the whole year but you never can tell these days. Next in our ever extending paperwork updates is our fingerprints which will be expiring in April 2008. As things are looking now it is possible that we could be traveling in April. Since fingerprints need to be valid for our whole trip we will probably need to get them redone again as well. We haven't seen anyone that has had their fingerprints expire twice yet so we may be in uncharted territory if they do expire. After our fingerprints, the next renewal would be our I600A. There were some new rules implemented last August at the USCIS. Since so many adoptions were extending over the 18 month expiration limit of the I600A they are now allowing a second update free. Unfortunately we updated for the second time before the free renewal was offered. I think it may get extended if/when we update our fingerprints anyway so we aren't too concerned. Most likely we would not need to renew our I600A again as it is valid through October 2008. God I hope we have this adoption completed a year from now.

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Anonymous said...

Steve and Jen,

Our time course is almost identical to yours. Home study update no. 2 in October, second re-fingerprint possibly necessary in April, new I-600A/797C (let's hope it doesn't come to that) in October. Maybe we can even squeak by without the third set of fingerptints. Doesn't the FBI use those to track criminals their whole lives??????

Julie (and Dave)in your future travel group....