Thursday, August 02, 2007

Comparing The Years - August Edition

Wow, this is my third update of this website this week. A lot going on. Referrals arrived today. Our agency emailed us this morning that they received 7 referrals. Nothing official from the CCAA yet but it looks like they got through November 21st which is 7 days. That is pretty much what we expected. I have been keeping a monthly running chart of the number of days referred this year vs. last year. Earlier in the year the chart was trending extremely close but the last couple months the current year seems to be pretty level at 6-7 days. I think though if we look forward to next month the trend last year dips down again and referrals next month are expected to be down as well because November 22 is a very big day. So I think it will be interesting to continue watching the trend on the chart to see what happens. The good news is last year the October batch of referrals bounced back up to 18 days so there is a little hope that things again may pick up a little once we get into October. See the updated chart below.

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