Tuesday, May 15, 2007

King of Queens

Jen and I recorded the final episode of "King of Queens" last night and finally got around to watching it tonight. For those who do not know this was the finale where they go to China to adopt a baby. Whenever TV shows (especially sitcoms) try to take on adoption they never get it right and this was no exception. We never really watched the show but did catch an episode here and there so we get the gist of it. Now we realize that this is a comedy and it would be pretty boring for them to go through the two year plus wait it takes to adopt from China. So it didn't bother us that it took them two days to complete the paperchase.....It took us four months. It didn't bother us that they got their referral in a week......we have been waiting over 16 months. It didn't bother us that they got a referral for a 4 day old baby......the youngest a baby is at referral is 6 months old. Unfortunately 90% of the population that doesn't know anything about Chinese adoption will see the show and think that it is that easy. What did bother us were some of the stupid comments they made during the show. Carrie says "I've ordered Chinese food before but never a Chinese baby". Then Carrie finds out that she is pregnant and they perpetuate the stupid myth that infertile couples will get pregnant once they adopt and can finally relax. Uggg.....Now I know this does happen but I cannot tell you how many people after learning that we are adopting have told us that we will get pregnant after we adopt. Ummm, we had 6 failed IUIs and 3 failed IVFs, probably not going to happen. There were more stupid comments as well. After Doug finds out that Carrie is pregnant he points to the new Chinese baby and asks "what are we going to do with that one". And then says "I guess we will have two babies with very different shaped eyes". That is just not funny, and kind of racist. Also whenever they said the baby's name, Ming Mei, they would run the laugh track as if her name was a joke, still not sure why that was funny. Now maybe since we are adopting from China we are hyper-sensitive about the subject and again we realize it is a comedy but there are some things that shouldn't be joked about and thrown lightheartedly into a 60 minute sitcom for sweeps week ratings.

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading this. I got referred to your blog from my dear friend Gail .... congrats on your adoption. I think everyone (atleast the *real people*) who sticks out the reality of an adoption from China or anywhere deserves to be congratualted and nomimnated for Sainthood, too! Bethy