Monday, May 28, 2007

Feeling Patriotic and a Trip to the zoo

Nothing better than a long holiday weekend to keep your mind off the long wait to adopt from China. We had a pretty busy weekend. We traveled down to Maryland to watch Jen's nephew graduate from the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Pretty appropriate place to be on Memorial Day weekend, we are very proud of Ryan as he embarks on a career defending our freedom.

We also took a trip to DC to take in a couple museums and check out the Pandas at the National Zoo. We had a tough time getting any pictures of anything else other than panda butt, although this one came out Ok.

These guys were much more willing to smile for us. It was a fun weekend all around but now we are back and ready for referrals to arrive. There is still not much floating around in the way of rumors. There is still a rumor that this is going to be a big month and they are going to get to the middle of November. We would love this to be true but really don't believe that it is going to happen. Referrals should be arriving late this week or sometime next week so we will post an update when we hear anything.

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