Saturday, February 24, 2007


Back to reality today. We spent the past week at the Sunset at the Palms resort in Negril, Jamaica. This is the same resort we went to last winter and we had such a good time we had to go back. Since we were return guests management went out of their way to make us happy. One night they left a bottle of Champagne in our room and on our last night there we were invited to a special dinner with management and two other couples who were return visitors as well. One thing we like about the resort is it isn't really child friendly, so there really aren't a bunch of kids running around screaming and splashing in the water. Not that we don't like kids we just wanted some quiet time for a romantic vacation. One thing we decided before we left was that we weren't going to discuss our pending adoption with other people at the resort. Since this vacation was about us we didn't want to spend our time educating people about Chinese adoption, also you never know what people may say that we might find offensive so we decided we would just not mention it to anyone. This was a little difficult as we hung out a bit with another really nice couple who mentioned in passing that they had friends who were in the process of adopting from China but we kept our mouths shut. We spent most of the time on the beach, at the pool or stuffing our faces with food. We took one trip off the resort to go shopping and to Rick's Cafe where people jump off a huge cliff into the water. Neither Jen nor I took the plunge. Another highlight of the trip was our visit to the Office of Nature (or as Jen decided to rename it The Ministry of Magic). This was just a bunch of local Rastafarians who set up on the beach and sell crafts and will catch fresh lobster and grill them up for you on a sea wood grill. The lobster was so good. Was nice to get out of the resort and hang out with and have a beer with some of the locals. Some pics of our excursions are below.....

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