Sunday, February 04, 2007

CCAA February Update

Referrals arrived last Thursday, they covered families with Log In Dates up to October 13th. This means that they did Sixteen days worth of Log In Dates which is good. There was week in this batch where there were no Log In Dates because the CCAA was on vacation for the Moon Festival. But there was also a day with more than normal Log In Dates so It looks like it pretty much balances out. The big question this month is when referrals will come out. Chinese New Year is February 18th and the CCAA will be on vacation for two weeks. So that means they either have to get the next batch out really quick or wait until after the holiday which may push things back a little. This week (Monday) we are celebrating 13 months since our Log in Date. Not really doing anything to celebrate, just nice to reach another milestone. The people that just got their referrals last week waited about 16 months. This makes it seem like we are getting close but an additional month gets tacked on every two months so we think our wait will end up being 18 months, give or take a month. The CCAA website update is below:

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