Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Cameron !!!

Tomorrow is Cameron's 1st birthday which he will have to celebrate without us.  We ordered a birthday package from Ann at Red Thread China.  It included a cake, a family picture and stuffed animal for Cameron and candies and dried fruit for the nannies.  Also a card, a translated letter and a camera so hopefully we will at least have some pictures of his first birthday.  Ann sent us the picture below of the package.

We celebrated his birthday at home today with Grace and some cupcakes.  Grace sang, Jen cried and I took pictures.  A bit of a somber day for us but we know we are getting closer to bringing our little guy home.

Video below of Grace singing Happy Birthday to Cameron.


nancy said...

That was very sweet, Happy 1st Birthday Cameron! Blessings, Nancy.

kris said...

Aww how cute! Happy birthday to Cameron!