Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Clarks and Santa's Villiage

This past weekend we took our annual summer pilgrimage north to New Hampshire with the Shah family.  The past couple years  we have gone to Story Land but we decided to change  it up a bit this year and go to Santa's Village instead.  I have to admit the thought of Christmas in August seemed kind of odd to me but the girls had a blast.  Grace was tall enough to ride all of the rides and especially liked the water park.   Definitely will be visiting again.

We also stopped in at Clark's Trading Post on the way down.  The have a new Chinese Acrobat show there that we wanted to check out.  Seemed a bit exploitive to me as they performed in the same enclosure as the bears do but they were pretty impressive nonetheless.  And of course the bears were a big hit with Grace.  Some pics of the weekend below

Clark's Trading Post

The girls

Feeding the Reindeer

Almost as tall as an elf


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China Dreams said...

Looks like you had a good time. Love the bunk bed picture-too cute!

We went to Santa's Village in the rain last year. Love the train ride at Clark's, but the acrobats had the day off when we went :(