Sunday, April 24, 2011


We spent the better part of last week in Disney World.  It was my first time going to Disney (Jen has been a couple times) so it was great being able to experience everything for the first time with Grace.  What can I say about Disney....It was really hot and really crowded but we had a blast.   

Grace is really into pricesses right now and her favorite princess is Snow White so it was pretty cool that she was waiting for us under the Magnolia tree as soon as we entered the Magic Kingdom.

Our first day was spent at the Magic Kingdom and Grace proved to us once again that she is fearless.  She went on every ride that she was able to and was begging for more.  Some of the rides have a 40 inch height requiremet and Grace was a little too short so we will definitely have some new experiences the next time we go.  More pics of our week below.

 Riding Dumbo with Mommy
 Cinderella and her castle
 Animal Kingdom with Mommy
 Re-enacting a scene from Snow White
 Swiss Family Tree House with Daddy
Lunch with Minnie


kris said...

Great pics, love the Snow White reenactment! haha! Looks like you had a fun trip!!

China Dreams said...

Grace makes a perfect Snow White :) Glad she had a good time. I remember the heat and the crowds. Discovered Story Land after Disney (I know you've been there too) and wondered why anyone would prefer the latter but there is the sunshine thing in the middle of a long winter going for it!