Sunday, November 28, 2010

Action Packed Weekend

We had a very busy long weekend.  Thursday wa,,s of course Thanksgiving.  We had dinner at MeMe and PaPa's and then traveled to Gram's to spend some time with cousins James and Sammy.

On Saturday we took Grace to see the Annie Musical.  She has the movie and watches it all the time so when we noticed that it was playing locally we had to take her.  She loved it,  but was very quick to point out all of the differences from the movie.  After Annie, we headed into Lowell for the City of Lights Parade.  Grace was on the GLTHS Candy "County" float dressed as a peppermint.

Today we hung out at home and got started raking all of the leaves in our backyard.  Luckily for me Grace was able to help me out this year.


China Dreams said...

She doesn't look all that excited about being a peppermint, but the leaves sure do put a smile on her face, don't they?

Melinda said...

Oh you must send me that pic of James and Gracie! So cute. I just find it so hilarious how the "younger" cousin always looks out for her "older" cousin!! AND stakes claim on her "baby" cousin! Can she possibly be any cuter in that costume??!!