Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat 2010

We had a very busy Halloween today.  We started out around mid afternoon visiting with family and friends for some early trick or treating fun.  We did a quick little run through our neighborhood and then headed over to the Shahs' for some more trick or treating on their street.  The last couple years we have been really lucky with warm weather for Halloween.  Not so much this year, we were treated with temperatures in the mid 40s and some brisk wind.  The girls were real troopers though, nothing was getting in the way of their candy getting.  A couple pics from the day below.

Our Princess - Snow White

 Hanging with the Superheroes

Grace and the Shah Princesses


China Dreams said...

She makes a perfect Snow White!

Anonymous said...

Remeber the movie "Training Day"- Denzel says "King kong ain't got nothin' on me"... WELL !!! Snow white ain't got NOTHING ON GRACE KING!!! LOL!! She is awesome, love all the pics bigtime!