Sunday, April 04, 2010


Busy Busy weekend over here.  We started out on Saturday with a trip down to Worcester to see the Disney Princesses on Ice show.  We didn't tell Grace where we were going, just that it was a surprise.  And boy was she surprised.  She absolutely loved the show.

Today of course was Easter and we have been talking a bit lately with Grace about the Easter Bunny coming to leave her candy.  She really got the whole Easter thing this year and was in our room at 7:30 (at least she slept in an extra hour) getting us out of bed to go downstairs to hunt for Easter eggs.   We spent the rest of the day with family and enjoying the beautiful day that we had today.

Lastly, it was two years ago today that we got the best news of our lives.  It was referral day, the day we first saw the beautiful little face below.  It was only a picture but it kept us going for the next month and a half while we waited to travel and meet our sweet Grace.

Those days of waiting are a distant memory now that we have this beautiful, smart, funny little princess in our lives.  Happy Easter!!!!  Hope everyone had as great a day as we did.


Jericho said...

Wow---looks like you had a lovely Easter! And what a precious anniversary to celebrate as well!

China Dreams said...

What a treat-my little girl and I used to love going to the rink when the big shows came around (they only come as far north as Manchester, but that's okay). Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Happy spring!