Sunday, February 07, 2010

Gung hay fat choy (Happy New Year)

I know I am a week early but we attended our adoption agency's Chinese New Year party this weekend.  It was a good time as usual and we were able to meet up with a couple of families from our travel group.  It's always nice to see how big the girls are getting.  We almost thought we weren't going to make it this week as I picked up a nasty stomach virus and then Jen started feeling sick on Friday as well.  Luckily Jen didn't get the same virus as I had.   A couple pics below of Grace enjoying the party,


kristi said...

Grace looks beautiful! Sorry we missed you, Brighton has Bronchitis and we didn't want to get anyone else sick ;-).

Kristi, Bill, Brighton

Beth said...

Hi Cute pictures it was nice meeting you at the CAWLI party. I was the mom of the cute little boy that knows Gail.