Sunday, January 03, 2010

Quality Time

Going back to work tomorrow morning isn't going to be fun after being off for two weeks. Spent some real quality time with my girls which was nice. We didn't really do much for my time off, just hung out and got some errands done.  Grace did have a sleepover at MeMe and PaPa's on New Years Eve so Jen and I could go out for dinner and to a party with friends. Was really nice to be out with adults for a change but we did miss our Gracie. We also finally got around to opening a UFund college investing plan for Grace, something we have been wanting to do for a while but we just never got around to doing it. We ended this week with a nice little snowstorm that had us pretty much housebound for the weekend but we did get out to do a little sledding. 

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Grace is just too cute in this hat.

Showing Lucy some love.

Mommy slides down the hill

Daddy pulls the sled back up the hill


Anonymous said...

I love that hat on Gracie!! Steve in a hat again.. Very impressed!! Are you sledding on your street????

Anonymous said...

1) Gracie is a superstar in that hat!

2) Jen- is that YOU sledding?!? OMG

3) Poor Lucy.... LOL! Gracie has 'taken over' her domain for sure

love ya