Sunday, October 12, 2008

Road Trip, New Kicks and New Ride

We took Grace on her first road trip this weekend to visit some friends in Chicopee. It was only about 2 hours on the road but it was the longest trip so far for her in the car seat. She did really well and slept the whole way down and most of the way back.

Now that Grace is starting to walk she has been wearing shoes a lot more lately. She is getting used to them but doesn't seem to have quite the shoe fetish that her mother does (lucky for me). She does look too cute in her new Nikes, though, thanks to Tammy!

This weekend I (with her help of course) also got around to assembling Grace's new ride that she got for her birthday from Kristen, Biren and the twins. We took it out for a quick ride in the driveway and it appears that Grace will be at least as good a driver as her mother. Some pics from our week below.


Norma said...

a little drivers ed is in order given that last shot.......funny.

Anonymous said...

I am famous.. LOL! I bought her first sneakers- like 3 years ago. I am so proud, I love it all. Jeez, her pic on the swing is awesome! She is gonna be cruzin' in the 'Shah' mobile... almost time for MORE sneakers and shoes.. LOL!! Love Tammy

Anonymous said...

Yikes!! That last shot is too funny!! LOVE THE TIGHTS!


kris said...

Gracie looks cute in her coupe! love the tights & sneakers!

Jenna said...

You know you are a parent reach for your camera before you reach for your child who is slipping through the bottom of the riding toy! :) I do that ALL the time. Camera first, Rescue second!

Grace just gets cuter every day! Even my husband thinks she's the cutest kid around!

Melinda said...

Steve, that pic of you assembling her car reminds me of the pic of you watching Daddy assemble your bike when you were just a little boy.
Very sweet.

The Gang's All Here! said...

You know TRIPOLI's?! Wow! I felt bad posting that and mentioning by name cuz my other uncle's family runs a bakery and they are good too. (DeFusco's) But nobody can beat Tripoli's cannolis. Mostly for the sentimentality, I suppose!

We were in Lawrence and Methuen - the church my bro spoke at meets in the YMCA at the old Steven Barker school. What a warm and kind church family they were!