Sunday, September 16, 2007

4 More Stones

September seems to be flying by, halfway through the month already. It is a little too early in the month for rumors but I expect that we will be hearing some this week. There is a holiday at the beginning of October where the CCAA takes a couple days off so there is a chance that we could be seeing the next batch a little later than normal. But there is also a chance that they could send referrals out before they leave for the holiday and we would see referrals a little early. Either way we are hoping that they will get into December with the next batch.. Jen has a little "Countdown the Log In Days" clock in her classroom at work. She has a jar of glass stones, each stone represents a Log In Date. Last month they got through 4 Log In Days so she took out 4 stones. Each month she will be taking out a stone for each Log In Date they get through. There are only 41 stones left in the jar, which is the number of days they need to get through to get to our Log In Date. When the jar is empty we will have our referral and will be getting ready to travel to China.

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