Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wild "King"dom

Nothing new this week in adoption news, not really even any rumors out there, which is kind of odd. I am sure we will here some rumors this week though and will probably see referrals the week after. Since there is nothing new in adoption news I figured I would write about some of the fun going on in our back yard recently. We have been in our house for about 5 years now and although we don't really live out in the country we have have quite a few little critters taking up residence. Anyone who knows Jen knows that she is quite an animal lover, especially cats. So it was to her delight when during the second summer living here she found a litter of kittens living under our shed. Unfortunately they were feral so she couldn't run out and play with them. We didn't want them to continue to multiply so we decided to just borrow a "have a heart" trap and catch them and bring them to the local MSPCA so they could find them homes. Unfortunately we couldn't catch the mother so she had another litter the following summer. We caught the mother the second time around so we haven't had any kittens since. The next summer we had another family living under the shed, this time it was skunks. While the little babies were cute we didn't attempt to trap them. We left them alone and they left us alone. Not sure what happened to them but we haven't seen much of them lately. This year we seem to have a bit of a zoo.....

This little guy is usually lounging in our yard when I get home from work, he doesn't seem to be too afraid of people given that he let me walk right up to him to take this picture. Make me a little nervous for him with some of the other animals in the area.

I am not exactly sure what this thing is but we think it is a groundhog. It has dug a hole in my yard that is about 8 inches across, we are pretty sure that is where he lives. He is really shy though, I had to sit on my deck for about an hour and sit really still waiting for him to pop out.

This is the guy that makes me a bit nervous for the bunny. It is some type of hawk and it is huge. There are actually two of them that live at the bottom of our street. We had an incident with him last summer when I was out on the deck with our cat Lucy and the hawk landed on the tree branch above her and was contemplating swooping down on her. They kind of stared each other down for a few seconds and Lucy arched her back and fluffed up her tail to appear intimidating. I was really curious to see how it was going to play out then thought better of it and brought Lucy inside. I really doubt the hawk could have flown away with her but I really didn't care to find out. We also have an opossum living under my neighbors shed at the corner of my yard, although he is not very photogenic and only comes out at night so I haven't been able to get a picture of him.

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