Thursday, November 02, 2006

Some Progress

The last couple week have been kind of rough for us and all of the rest of the waiting families in the world of Chinese Adoption. Even though we are months away from getting a referral we are always anxious each month to see how far they have gotten as it gives is a sense of getting a little closer to Grace. We were expecting the October batch of referrals to arrive a few weeks ago and have been stalking the CCAA website for an update. The rumors have been all over the place regarding how many days this batch was going to cover, these rumor sites can really drive you mad, but is so hard not to look at the rumors. On Tuesday our agency sent out their monthly email that usually says that they have received referrals, but this time it said that they had not received them yet, and they didn't know when they would be coming or how many Log In Dates would be included. So after that email we were feeling pretty down. This morning though things got a little brighter, the CCAA website was updated and it says that they have finished placement of children with families registered before August 25, 2005. This is 16 days worth of referral which is two less days than last month but it is actually good news because August 24th had many, many families logged in so this was a little bit of a speed up. Still not sure why referrals were so late arriving but our agency tells us this is pretty normal, there is a chance that the next batch could arrive before the end of November so it is not really like they skipped the October batch. Still no update regarding January making it out of the review room though, probably will need to wait until the end of this month to check that off our list. We also found out this week that our Home Study Update is complete and has been received by our agency. Our next step is getting our fingerprints and USCIS background checks redone, although we don't have to start that process until January 2007.

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