Wednesday, December 14, 2005


We got some great news today, we are Dossier To China (DTC)!!!!! This means that all of the documents and forms that we have been collecting and filling out over the past few months have been authenticated, certified, translated and sent to China. This is a huge step in the process and we are very excited. Our agency tells us that in a few weeks China will send them our Log In Date (LID). This is the date that China logs our request to adopt into their database. From there the real wait starts. Our agency says that the wait time is running about 8 months from LID to referral. Referral is when we get a picture and health information about the baby that we are matched with. So if the wait stays at 8 months we should be getting our referral in August and traveling to China in October. There is a fairly good chance that the wait times could increase going forward, but we are hoping for the best and staying positive.

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