Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

We really have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.......We got our approval to adopt from the USCIS in the mail today!!!!! Our agency must have gotten the form from the USCIS as well because they sent us an email this afternoon congratulating us on getting approved as well as some instructions regarding what happens next. Our agency is now taking our "Dossier" of documents and having them certified and authenticated. They tell us this should take three to four weeks. With a little luck we should have our dossier sent to China by Christmas. Our agency has also suggested that we get immunized for Hepatitis A and B. This is a series of shots that take quite a few months to complete so they suggest we start now. These immunizations are not mandatory but we are probably going to do them anyway. The only other thing left for us to do is pay our agency and China Center for Adoption Affairs fees. Adoption isn't cheap but we feel it is such a small price to pay for the joy we will get when we bring our daughter home.

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